SEO and Internet Marketing platforms are as different as apples and oranges. However, these two platforms work together for the greater benefit of growing an online business. Although some people use these two terms interchangeably, each platform serves its own special purpose. Therefore, it’s important to understand that if a business focuses more on one platform than the other, then it doesn’t benefit the company’s success or its Internet campaign.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

SEO is the more technical half of the two platforms, but its main purpose is to bring the company’s website to the front page, and preferably the first link, in the search engines. Page Rank depends on SEO; therefore, the company should focus on articles with relative content and proper keyword density.

Another SEO factor is the Social Signal, which is also important since it puts the user in charge of Page Rank. Each time a user “Likes” or “Tweets” a specific article or blog, it affects page ranking. The older method of backlinking still works to build a network back to the company’s original website or blog. Frequent blogging with quality content also affects Page Rank, and it also builds a productive online presence for interested readers.

Internet Marketing

While SEO is the technical side filled with keywords, links and page content, Internet Marketing is the more human aspect of the two platforms. In fact, Internet Marketing plays a huge role in a company’s success since it focuses primarily on interaction with people through article marketing, video marketing and social media. In fact, never before has social media played such a significant role in a company’s success as it does now. Through websites, such as Facebook and Google +, a company can freely extend its reach and market its product in a matter of seconds.

In addition, providing quality content through online forums is another successful Internet Marketing strategy since it extends the company’s brand to all the readers of the website. Other strategies, such as sending sales copies via email, work just as well to reach new and existing customers. The “call-to-action” makes people want to read a website, click a link or buy almost anything the company offers for sale.

In order to succeed in an online campaign, the business should put half of its focus on SEO and the other half on Internet Marketing. With a complete understanding of these two platforms, the company can take advantage of the numerous marketing strategies available and expand its online presence.

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