3 methods successful link buildingSuccessful Link building is one of the most important aspects of search engine optimization (SEO) but it is also one of the most difficult. Building links is essentially getting other websites to include links that direct users to your website, which boosts your search engine ranking and relevancy. One of the reasons why building links is so difficult is that the most effective methods take a lot of work. In addition, the most popular search engines, such as Google and Bing, have implemented new algorithms that take into account links that are obtained unnaturally or inorganically. SEO specialists also disagree about which techniques work best, but the following three methods of link building are currently viewed as the most effective:

1. Publish interesting and relevant content on your website.

The most reliable links are those that you obtain without having to solicit others to include them. This can be achieved simply by publishing content that people find interesting and engaging. When you have content that is worth reading, it will often be picked up and shared by bloggers who believe that it is also of interest to their readers.

However, it is sometimes difficult to make people aware of your content, so you must advertise that it is available. You can send press releases to popular websites and blogs, or you can advertise your content through social media, such as Facebook and Twitter. It is best that you do not ask for links directly. Instead, you should make others aware of your website and its content. If you do ask for links, bloggers and webmasters may want reciprocal links on your website. This can limit the effectiveness of your inbound link, but it is better than having no link at all. If the only way a blogger will include your link is to include his or her link in exchange, then the offer should be accepted but only if the other website is relevant to your content.

2. Ask to become a guest blogger.

Instead of just directing others to your content, you can ask to become a guest blogger or writer for them. This way, you can include links to your website so that they appear naturally without any reciprocation required. The only difficulty in this is finding someone who will allow you to write for them. Many bloggers no longer accept guest writers unless they can prove that they will provide them with useful, non-promotional content. In order for your content to appear non-promotional, you may want to include links to websites other than yours. In addition, you can include an internal link that directs readers to another page of the blogger’s website.

If you develop a good working relationship with other bloggers, you may be able to parlay this into becoming a regular columnist. This will allow you to post relevant links on a weekly or monthly basis to help your cause.

3. Research the competition.

A great way to find websites that will include your links is to see who is linking to your competitors. This can be discovered through any of several free tools that analyze websites and report who links to them. You can then pitch ideas directly to these websites. In some cases, this could yield an unexpected bonus. If you can find a website related to yours that is no longer in service, you may have stumbled upon a link goldmine. You can find out who has links to the defunct website, contact the webmasters and let them know that their links are bad and having a negative impact on their SEO efforts. You can then inform them that your website has similar content and ask them to switch the bad link for a link to your website.

When asking for links, you should always ensure the website meets several standards. For instance, it should have a Google PageRank of two or higher, be related in some way to your website, be in the same language and, preferably, be connected to social media outlets.


Obtaining quality links can be difficult. It takes some time and effort, but this is the only way to be sure that your links are benefiting your website instead of detracting from the SEO you have already worked so hard to establish. The three methods detailed above are not the only effective ways to build links, but they are a good start.

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