user experience website designHaving a website designed means thinking about many different factors ranging from aesthetics to performance. Many professionals get sidetracked thinking about the little details that make up a website, but they don’t really spend time thinking about the site’s actual users.

Unfortunately, not even the prettiest websites can be successful if no one’s spent the time to think about how the people who visit the site will perceive and interact with it. That’s why User Experience (UX) design is so important. Instead of looking at the details first and thinking of the user later, UX design makes website consumers the priority.

Why Put the User First?

If you’re planning on having a website designed or redesigned, you’re going to spend a lot of time looking at your options. You’re going to interact with the site, and other key players at your company are likely to interact with it too. That’s all good and well, but the truth is that you aren’t the person who’s going to use the website.

It’s site consumers and clients who are going to depend on the site to provide them with information and essential tools. Imagine that you want to build a candidate portal into your existing website, but you neglect to consider how it will work for candidates applying via their smartphones. Overlooking UX design in this instance could cost you top talent.

Even gorgeous websites can lose out on crucial sales or leads if they prioritize aesthetic beauty over UX design. Imagine that you’ve got beautiful graphics and exciting content that describes your products, but the button users need to click to buy something is tiny or hard to find. Today’s consumers expect instant gratification, and such simple website design errors will likely cost you sales.

The Tenets of User-Centric Design

UX design is all about addressing and preventing these errors. It’s about proactively designing sites and utilities for consumers, not for business leaders. Of course, this doesn’t mean that what business leaders want and need in a website is ignored. It’s still essential that you take an inventory of your company’s demands and are able to describe what you need your website to accomplish for your business.

A web pro with experience in UX design listens to the needs of businesses and finds solutions that meet them while optimizing user engagement. After all, the easier it is for consumers to use your website, the more likely they are to visit your website again and again to get what they need. Great UX design attracts consumers the first time and encourages them to work with your business again.

There are central tenets of UX design that web pros utilize to ensure optimal success of a site. Some of these include

  • providing easy-to-access, credible information,
  • creating text that can be scanned for key points,
  • making design intuitive so that users don’t have to dig around for what they want,
  • offering both static and dynamic content,
  • utilizing known web conventions,
  • keeping websites simple and
  • conducting user experience testing throughout the design process.

Does UX Design Really Matter for Your Company?

There’s no answer to this question but yes. Yes, UX design matters for your company. Yes, UX design can help build brand loyalty and drive sales. Consumers want to know that you care about them, and building a website that they can use without fuss is a great way to show them that you do. It might be tempting to stick with what you know and overlook UX design, but there’s really no reason you should.

That’s because UX design doesn’t have to be difficult. In fact, when you work with web pros who know it inside out, the design process itself becomes intuitive. At Coastline Marketing Group, we do more than just build beautiful websites. We build sites that offer a rich user experience while providing unparalleled service across a wide range of online presence and marketing categories.

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