The world of business has changed a lot in the past decade. A business used to be able to control their message and their brand through radio and print ads. Press releases were also a popular form of communication. While these methods can still be used today, the widespread use of the internet has changed the game. The image of a company is no longer controlled by just the company. Customers can quickly go online and broadcast their opinion to the world.

This means one unhappy customer could influence a lot of people to avoid doing business with a certain company. Many businesses resort to using reputation management companies. Reputation management companies can be very useful. But they cannot be the only part of a reputation management plan. They are only one part of it.

The other part comes from strong customer service. Every company must consider how they do business on a daily basis. Both staff and manager must keep the reputation of the company in mind.

Social Media

We are going to discuss the role social media plays in a business’s reputation. More than half of your customers are going to have a social media account. If a customer is not happy with your product or service, all they have to do is post it to their social media account. They can instantly broadcast their thoughts to all their friends. Then, if one of their friends shares that post, it is seen by even more people.

This process could go on and on. One unhappy customer then turns into a significant amount of lost business. People are a lot more likely to avoid a business if their friends don’t like it. For this reason, it is important for companies to think of the long-term outcome that could result from each unhappy customer. With this in mind, they need to ask themselves if they should be doing anything different. This simple mindset can go a long way helping any business maintain its reputation.

Review Sites

This section is going to go over how review sites could impact the reputation of a business. Review sites differ from social media sites. With social media sites, customers are only reaching out to their friends and family.

But with review sites, they are reaching out to the world. A dissatisfied customer will be eager to make their thoughts known to the world. This is important because most people do an online search of a business before spending their money with them. If they log in and see more negative reviews for your company than for your competitors, they are going to choose your competitor.

Final Thoughts

By now, it should be clear how important it is to keep the online reputation of your business in mind. Online reputation management does not have to be difficult. Simply treat each customer how you would like to be treated if you were in their position.

Social media and review sites could play a positive role in the success of any company. It can encourage all businesses to step their game up and provide better service. While an unhappy customer will tell the world, a happy customer might do the same thing. They could tell their friends how much their enjoyed your service. This can help you get more customers than before.

When interacting with customers, pretend the whole world is watching because they are.


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