By vocation and education, you are a medical professional; your focus is on healing, preventing as much illness as you can and encouraging a healthy lifestyle. However, you are also a business owner; you can’t heal anyone if they don’t know your practice exists, so you have to do some kind of advertising and social marketing is an inexpensive way to reach large numbers of potential patients. Check out these easy ideas for using social media to reach new and existing clients.

Sharing Your Message

Though you may not feel you have a marketing campaign built into your practice, your practice certainly has a focus and personality. This may be based on your specialty, location, or personal approach to medicine, but it is probably so much a part of your practice that your patients could tell you what it is.

Before tweeting, posting Facebook messages or staring in your own You Tube videos, learn why your current patients come to you; you can use that information as a foundation for your social media campaign.

Google Me

According to the Pew Research Center, of the people looking for health assistance online, 77% began their search using a search engine such as Google. If Google, Yahoo, and Bing can not find you, you are invisible to many potential patients. Researching a way to become visible to search engines is a valuable way to use social media. Look at your website; if it is just a picture of you and your office hours, you are probably not see new traffic very often. It may be time to give visitors to your site a reason to share the link with their friends; start a blog – personal or professional – share before and after pictures; encourage staff to share stories online; this is way to start building your brand effectively.

Personalizing a Professional Relationship

The immense power of social media is in creating personal connections electronically. You can use this in your practice by responding to questions of your followers, asking questions of your followers, posting your reactions to publications related to your practice or specialty and inviting responses. Some of your respondents may be existing patients, but gradually you will probably see input beyond your original base; this is an indicator that people are sharing your link.

Social relationships are two way. If you want to maintain these new electronic relationships, you have to keep up your end of the conversation by replying to their comments and insights. This helps establish your expertise, receptibility and enables you to better understand your audience by learning what is important to them.

People tend to be very open in social media. They may not feel comfortable telling you that someone in your practice is constantly distracted by personal phone calls, but this is just the kind of comment they may register on social media, providing you with the opportunity of correct something of which you were uninformed.

Everybody’s Doing It: Keeping Up With the Competition

Another selling point for getting your practice into the social media arena is that your competition is there already. No, you don’t have to do everything Dr. Jones does, but your practice is adversely impacted when Dr. Jones has a twitter following in the thousands and your entire social media presence is a picture of your framed diploma. You are selling yourself and the people you may be able to help by being less visible than your neighbor.

These a just a few ideas for incorporating social media into your practice; there are millions of reasons for jumping into the social media swimming pool. Why not take the plunge now?


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