social-media-managementStop trying to sell to your fans

The biggest tip for successful social media marketing is to stop selling and start networking. Social media is about building a referral network, and that takes time and work. You’ve got to post high-quality content that does one of three things: educates, informs or entertains. In social media, fans follow you for clear reasons: They like your style, take on issues, life philosophy or the subjects that you tackle. When you become an authority figure in your field, social fans and contacts will turn to you and your company to solve their problems, recommend the right products, apply for a job at your company or share something they’re sure you’ll like. Try to sell to them, and you may fail to achieve positive results.

Build your referral network

Building this kind of referral network offers long-term benefits for your company, but it’s hard to stop selling when that’s your source of income and reason for marketing on social channels. Another valuable tip is to consider paid advertising or PPC campaigns while you’re building your social referral network. Using this strategy, you can complement your own posts with relevant advertising while keeping your hands clean of heavy-handed selling in your posts. Each day that you fail to check social channels is a day when your competitors get a free ride. Staying active on social media–Google Plus in particular–builds your brand, strengthens SEO, adds quality links and establishes you and your business as trusted authorities, which as the MasterCard ads used to say, is priceless.

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