restaurant social media

Your customers experience with your restaurant can begin before they step in the door

Restaurants don’t just sell food; they sell social events, so social media marketing has become mandatory for today’s successful restaurant. Restaurants are generally exceptions to the rule about taking long lead-times to generate business from social media. You can easily tap into the market when people are looking for places to dine by posting your menu on social channels and review sites, updating daily specials, promoting signature events at the restaurant and encouraging your customers to share reviews, post photos of their meals, read social posts on in-house digital signs and learn about your restaurant’s concept, cuisine and supply chain. Engage your customers with human interest stories about the restaurant’s history and staff accomplishments. Promoting your loyalty program and offering dining incentives and group deals are also solid social marketing strategies.

Other tips for engaging customers with your restaurant include:

  • Hosting meet-and-greets with local sports teams or holding game-day events
  • Posting recipes and how-to videos from your chef
  • Creating galleries of high-resolution food photos
  • Marketing on Twitter and Instagram with photos and hashtags
  • Hosting culinary exhibitions and wine and food tastings
  • Showcasing artwork from local artists
  • Creating a creative guerrilla marketing campaign
  • Serving as headquarters for local scavenger hunts
  • Participating in food tours and bar crawls
  • Hosting business meetings and Chamber of Commerce Connect for Lunch events

Geo-location technology and increased mobile phone use for local searches make promoting your restaurant in social media one of the best ways to optimize your restaurant in local searches. Facebook allows you to target your ideal customer with precise demographic segmentation and geo-targeting. You can schedule paid tweets and send them out to people nearby through geo-targeting at meal times. You can’t get a more relevant or timely marketing approach than sending an appealing image of food to the right people when they’re hungry and just down the street.

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