social media for law firms

Share your expertise on the right social channels

Depending on your practice specialty, social media offers a platform to build your firm’s reputation, engage potential clients and establish your attorneys as thought leaders. Engaging with social media is critical for law firms to market their services and to find evidence for trials. Social listening involves keeping informed about trends and public opinion on high-profile cases. You can use Google Alerts to monitor information that pertains to cases and news that relates to your legal specialty. You can join conversations about current events and establish your firm as thought leaders and a team that knows what’s going on in the world. Lawyers learn a great deal of information and are intimately involved with news stories, but most firms don’t share their knowledge. Some legal news isn’t confidential or critical to your cases, so share your expertise and news on the right social channels.

Developing a content strategy

If you practice criminal or family law, Facebook is a good channel to engage a range of potential clients. LinkedIn is the preferred channel for business law. You can tell your story, give your opinion on legal issues in the news, highlight the accomplishments and charitable efforts of your attorneys and tweet links to your articles to your existing clients. Let your fans know when an attorney is speaking at a dinner or before city council. Lawyers rely on referrals and social interactions among their clients, so selling what’s in your mind and your legal philosophy can attract the right kind of clients for your practice. Developing a content strategy involves posting educational articles on topics that relate to your legal specialty, commenting on current events and demonstrating legal expertise. Social listening and building your network offer powerful benefits for hiring associates and growing your firm, creating relevant content, informing clients about relevant business trends and engaging prospects for legal services.

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