The influence of the internet has led to business owners being inundated with tons of noise regarding the importance of updating their digital marketing plans. By now, you have probably received solicitations from multiple marketing agencies proclaiming that their strategies are the next big thing that will turn your business around. While increasing your visibility and enticing new customers to your doors is always a good thing, it is hard to know who to believe or where to even start with developing an effective strategy that stays true to your brand. Fortunately, you don’t have to lose sight of your goals to drive sales when you understand the power of focusing on one effective strategy.

Do One Thing Well

A simple business concept that you may have learned your freshmen year is to take one thing you do well and make it better. Many of the marketing agencies out there take an overboard approach that never allows any of their strategies to reach their full potential. Unfortunately, this tends to lead to weaknesses in your marketing plan when it becomes impossible to keep up with it all. Look at it this way. It is better to drill one 1,000-foot well that hits the liquid gold than to drill 1000 1-foot wells that completely miss their mark. In business, time and energy equal money, so make sure yours goes where it is profitable.

If a marketing agency tells you that their strategies are a fast track to building your business, you should be skeptical. Building an online reputation takes time since each new review, comment and update serves as a springboard for future interactions. Over time, it is these interactions between you and your target audience that drives sales. While you may get lucky and manage to squeak out digital content that becomes viral, it is more important to focus on building long-term relationships with your customers that establishes your business as being reliable. Avoid wasting all of your efforts by leaving the band right before it gets signed.

Working With Multiple Agencies Doesn’t Work

A major mistake many business owners make is to invest in multiple marketing agencies that all promise to do different things. While diversifying is usually a good thing, trying to keep up with multiple agencies makes it harder for your company to stay on message. In fact, your dedicated customers can actually pick up on the differences in the messages that are conveyed by different agencies, and it generates confusion that results in a lack of trust for your brand. Instead of spreading your marketing budget and personal energy too thin, it is best to choose one marketing partner that encompasses all of what you hope to achieve in your digital marketing efforts.

Digital marketing can be a major asset or a huge headache. When you built your business, you knew that there is no true get rich quick scheme or else you’d already have been retired. Instead, choose a marketing agency that knows how to partner with your business to develop a real plan for success that opens up the door to new customer relationships and opportunities.

-Phil Fisk
President, Coastline Marketing Group, Inc