When posting on Facebook, it is important to follow the right format in posts so that customers are more likely to be engaged in a way that can lead to a sale. By constructing posts in the right way, businesses can increase the effectiveness of their posts to get more out of their social media marketing efforts.

Social Media Requires a Special Approach

Notice the ad above isn’t telling the viewer to “call now to buy a website”. Instead, the ad begins with a question. The question is specifically tied to the pain point that Coastline Marketing Group’s demographic struggles with the most.

As with all digital marketing efforts, businesses must keep in mind that individuals who consume their content are not a captive audience like they are with traditional media. With television advertising, for example, viewers wishing to continue their show have no choice but to watch the advertisements. In contrast, social media is vastly different because readers always have the ability to unfollow a business or scroll past its messages.

Therefore, although businesses can increase the conversion rate of their content with a call to action, it is critical to avoid being too pushy in a sales approach because this type of activity can quickly chase customers away. Messages posted on social media should always add value to the reader to prevent decreased engagement and a decline in total subscribers.


Start with a Question

When posting on social media, it is important to create content that is likely to capture a viewer’s attention. Unfortunately, getting the attention of a potential customer is difficult on social media because viewers are constantly bombarded with messages from hundreds of other sources. The first sentence of a post, therefore, is critical for grabbing the attention of a potential prospect. In general, questions are the best way to capture someone’s attention with social media because these types of messages force a reader to think about what is being said and become engaged.

Questions can be powerful tools for capturing the attention of a prospect, and business owners should make use of this fact to obtain better results from their Facebook marketing efforts. When posting on a business page, start posts with a question that points out pain that a buyer is likely to be experiencing. If, for example, a business offers web design services, a good question might be, “Wouldn’t your time be better spent building your business than building your website?


Give a Statement

The next step after asking a question is to give a statement about how the potential customer’s pain can be solved with a product or service. Since customers have just been reminded of pain that they are experiencing, they will be highly interested in reading about a solution.

The statement must be tailored to the social media format so that it will be as effective as possible. Social media users are generally unwilling to read long articles, and they prefer sentences that are relatively short and easy to understand. The time that it takes to read content is a critical factor to consider when crafting a post for social media. A good example of a statement that would follow a question would be, “We help busy professionals improve their web presence so they can focus their time on what they do best.”


Call to Action (CTA)

The final element of a social media post for a business should be a call to action. As with other areas of the post, the call to action should be short and easy to read. Most importantly, readers should be made to feel ready to take immediate action because of the content in the message. An example of a good call to action would be, “Contact our agency today for a free consultation!

-Phil Fisk – President, Coastline Marketing Group, Inc.