Learning to use proper grammar for SEO, Blue road sign with words They're, Their and There with sky backgroundWhen you are online with your own website or social media, you may think having spellcheck is all you need. However, there are many instances where having someone check what you write before you publish pays off. Naturally, there are many scare tactics out there about grammar. Nevertheless, the truth is that bad grammar costs you in ways you might not expect with online customers. To get a better understanding of how this happens and how an SEO or Social Media Manager can help, keep reading.

The weird connection between misspellings and online scammers

Have you ever received an email asking you to click on a link, but noticed something off-putting? For instance, you notice at the last second it has a major misspelling with the company name? The same is also true with odd word choice and word placement. When something looks out of place, the chances are high that you are going to be redirected to a virus or you’re going to get scammed. Alternatively, when everything looks professionally written, you are more likely to investigate a link. If the grammar seems correct, you are more likely to click on a website from an online search.

A key reason poor grammar costs you money online

There are many online articles that show data concerning various corporate websites and how grammar mistakes cost them money. For owner-operator businesses that offer home services, bad grammar can also cost you. In short, if your business is centered around sales to people with a college degree, grammar is a must. They may also be the only income-range of people that can afford your services in the first place. Therefore, winning them over is a priority. In other words, if you are a good plumber with five years of a journeyman experience, your words might misrepresent you. In this case, you can easily turn over the grammar to someone that makes you shine online.

How poorly written daily social media posts affect your business

Have you posted or tweeted something because you were feeling emotional, and then regretted it later? One of the keys to having a professional online image is keeping your language and feelings corporate. This style of professional language does not come naturally to everyone, and many top CEOs have a solution. Namely, hiring someone that has a lot of online finesse with words such as an SEO or social media management specialist. It is also common for professionals with learning disabilities such as dyslexia to hire a writer. This applies to social media managing skills for all of their online communications or emails.

Have a Social Media Manager post or tweet for you

On top of being whizzes at social media management and SEO, there are other reasons you will want to have what you write proofed. For example, before you click publish, your social media needs a good old-fashioned editor as if you are a newspaper. Think, for example, of politicians that post or tweet a misspelling or use an emoticon incorrectly on a photo caption. Other major mistakes you could be making is knowing when to use a hashtag. Of course, some tweets or posts could politically polarize your company in ways you do not expect. Alternatively, someone that specializes in promoting a positive public image for businesses can help. Before you post a photo online, they check word choice, misspellings and anything that could lead to a misunderstanding.

Do an online social media audit

In addition to having your social media on the right page moving forward, it pays to work on online history. For this reason, your social media management could include editing or deleting old social media. This move could also help with your SEO in key ways that keep search engines from passing over your website. Although this could take several weeks to edit and see search engine results, it is surprisingly effective in the long-term numbers.

How search engines tax you for bad grammar

There are a few ways with grammar that search engines allow website owners to bend the rules, and one is with contractions. Regardless, spelling errors may not affect your page rank, but it does affect how long people stay on your website. This means when they see a spelling or word-use error, potential customers are clicking out right away. On the other hand, when customers stay on your website and continue to browse, your page rank in search engines improves. This is due to your site credibility score going up thanks to customers sticking around on the webpage. This means when new customers do a search in the future, they are more likely to find your website in the results.

Where the best writing tools go wrong

When a big red line appears under text, you know that you have made a mistake. Nevertheless, when you click on the spelling choices, do you always know which one to pick? In the end, you need a person that knows all of the rules of English without making mistakes. What is interesting is that most website owners that hire editors think they do it alone. Instead, all good editors know that four or even six eyes are better than one pair. For this reason, you can have confidence that part of the editing tradition is having the help of other editors.

Hiring pro (SEO) search engine optimization editors keeps you polished online

Even if you are a doctor that speaks English as a native language, you could use extra help with your online communications. From blog posts to Facebook business photo captions, one team can take care of all edits before you hit publish. To get more information about these unique services that speak to the modern advertising age, contact us. We are happy to explain anything you still have questions about, and thank you for choosing us.