Coastline Marketing Group Newsletter GraphicI know there are plenty of stereotypes about millennials. They’re supposed to be lazy, selfish, entitled – you know the drill. In reality, though, millennials represent a fantastic generation, one that works hard, plays hard, and takes life incredibly seriously. Given that a huge percentage of this generation is also well into adulthood, they’re also a generation that can’t be ignored by businesses. Below are four steps towards getting millennials through your doors.

Be Authentic

Millennials are great at sniffing out insincere businesses. I don’t know if it’s because they’ve spent a lifetime being exposed to the 24-hour news cycle or because they’ve had the fortune of coming to age in an era where you can find out anything with a quick Google search, but this generation is good at figuring out who is telling the truth and who is putting on a front. If you want millennial customers to take you seriously, you’ve got to be honest with them. Do what you do and do it well – that’s the first step towards getting them through the front door.

Engage Them on Mobile…

I’ve had a smartphone for years. Honestly, everyone’s had a smartphone for years. The difference when it comes to millennials, though, is that they’ve always had smartphones. They look at their phones as a primary way to engage with commerce and they’ll ignore any business that won’t take that path. Mobile phones are already the primary method of browsing the internet and a fantastic amount of online commerce takes place on mobile devices. If you want millennial business, you’ve got to make sure that your website has a great mobile version – and you might even want to invest in an app.

…and Social Platforms

I know that I use social media platforms on a daily basis, and I’m still not as connected as your average millennial. Social platforms are just an outgrowth of the same services we’ve used for years, but they’ve been perfected for the smartphone generation. Millennials like to be engaged with the brands they prefer and they like to have access to the businesses they frequent. If you want to capture their business, you need to go ahead and make a social media profile. Like most things millennials love, these platforms are low cost with high rewards – you don’t have an excuse to ignore them.

Don’t Be Evil

If you remember back to when Google first started, their prime operating principle was ‘don’t be evil’. It’s a simple phrase, but it’s something that matters a lot to millennials. This is a generation that actually cares about how your business is run and how you treat your employees, so try to be one of the good guys whenever you can. This generation gives you a great opportunity to stick to your principles and be rewarded – something that’s not always common in the business world.

Millennials care about every dollar they spend, so make sure you keep that in mind. Make it easier for them to shop with you, but also make it easier for them to care about your business. If you can capture this generation’s hearts, you can capture their spending power.