Coastline Marketing Group Newsletter GraphicThe world of advertising is very different than it used to be. People no longer want to hear “call now” after being told all that a business does.

If you’re actively trying to SELL your product, you’re not going to sell.

Wait, what? Yes. The reality is that it’s better to educate, inform or entertain your audience. If you can accomplish this, then you gain followers. Followers are interested in what you have to say because they’re getting information or a few laughs.

When your followers suddenly find themselves in need of a product or service, they remember you because of the education, information or entertainment they got from you. You will earn their business this way. Additionally, you will earn their loyalty – and that is priceless.

Why Not Sell?

People are turned off from “in your face” sales. They don’t want to be told what they should buy. Many
calls to action are telling people what they should do. Think about it. “Call now.” “Click here.” “Download
this.” They’re all a bunch of commands.

Why would anyone do business with a company that’s going to tell them what to do? You’re going to
make more friends with honey. Sweeten the pot a bit and tell people what they want to hear. Give them
reasons why they should do business with you without being obvious that you are selling something.
If you give someone a good piece of information, they’re going to be impressed. With this impression,
they’re going to look at the name of the company who gave it to them. They might decide to sign up for
your newsletter, follow you on Facebook or simply remember your name.

How Do You Hook Your Target Demographic?

Rand Fishkin once said: “Best way to sell something: don’t sell anything. Earn the awareness, respect, and
trust of those who might buy.”

You don’t have to have the most exciting business in your community. Simply build awareness and be
respectful at all times. Create marketing campaigns that are engaging. Find a way to poke fun at your
business or educate your target demographic on a topic that they might not know anything about.

Pushy sales messages generally lead to pushy sales people. If you ask anyone if they want to do business
with a company that has pushy people, they will tell you no. They won’t be recommending the company
to their friends, either.

Hook your target demographic by educating, informing or entertaining. It’s the ticket to building your
business, growing loyalty and increasing your sales for the foreseeable future.