Coastline Marketing Group Newsletter GraphicMore local businesses than ever before are starting to realize the importance of using search engine optimization to grow and expand. Many people, though, feel as though SEO is out of reach, being too expensive and complicated to pursue. The good news is that our location on the Central Coast is unique in a positive way, and ranking your local business on Google and the other search engines does not need to be difficult.

In a large metropolitan area, the competition for local search terms can get brutal. Because we live in a much smaller area, this problem is not as much of a concern for us. If anyone has hired a major SEO company to audit and enhance a website, then that person may likely be paying for services they don’t need. With some testing, we have found that most local businesses can rank by keeping a few simple tips in mind:

1. Claim & Optimize Your Google Business Page

When you search for a local business in Google, you will notice that the top listings are usually Google Business Pages, so one of the best things that you can do for your SEO effort is to claim and optimize your listing. You can do so by ensuring that the store hours, phone number and address are correct. In addition to verifying that the listing is accurate, you will also want to include the main keywords for which your customers are likely to search.

2. Enhance Visibility

Having your business mentioned as often as possible increases your visibility and improves your SEO rank. As with backlinks, Google will use the number of citations that you have to determine the relevance and credibility of your business. Searching for your business name will help you find your listings, and you can claim and optimize them to enhance your results.

3. Online Reputation

As far as business listings are concerned, Google looks at the number of reviews that you have when determining where to place your business on the search results page, so managing your reputation and making a commitment to customer satisfaction will work wonders for your business.

Final Thoughts

Rather than investing a lot of time and money, keeping an eye on your Google Business Page and other listings should be your main focus. Do your best to earn positive reviews from your customers, and you will enjoy more search engine traffic than you once thought possible.