Coastline Marketing Group Newsletter GraphicHow your business presents itself online — to both current and potential customers — can mean everything. It’s the difference between a click back to the search results and a click further into your website to learn more about a product or service.

At Coastline Marketing, a big part of our focus is helping local businesses deliver a better customer experience. It’s right up there with providing our clients with an in-depth and accessible education on all things digital marketing. We help businesses with every aspect of the customer experience, from a customer’s very first click onto their website, all the way through what to do after the transaction.

The customer experience doesn’t end once an order is placed, a product is shipped, or a service is rendered. The customer experience is ongoing, and it plays a huge role in a business’s reputation. It often means a business must go above and beyond with their customers to earn a positive reputation — online and offline.

We expect to be taken care of and to know we can trust a business. Many people rely on reviews, ratings, and testimonials before they make an initial purchase (or even a second or third purchase). These factors influence which product they buy, which service they use, and which business they feel deserves their money.

Because of our expectations of customer service, and the assumption that the experience will be “okay,” we don’t always think to leave a review or talk about the experience with family, friends, or colleagues. It’s typically only when a business goes above and beyond that customers talk about the experience or post about it on social media or review websites.

When your customers share an experience on social media or on a review website because you went above and beyond, this improves your online reputation. This can do two big things for your business. Not only does boosting your online reputation improve your overall bottom line, it can boost your rankings in search engine results. It can do wonders for your SEO.

I always tell people to think of those little five stars as sales people. You see these stars all over the web — on e-commerce websites, restaurant review sites, and more. When someone searches for a product or service you provide, and they see those five little stars next to a business, that has incredible power.

In that moment, the person will make the decision to do business with that “five star” company. If the choice is between you and your competitor — and there is a star difference between the two choices — the business with the higher rating will likely gain the new customer.

This is why investing the time and effort to go above and beyond is worth it. Building a solid online reputation can lead to more people visiting your website and buying from you. It all comes back to delivering a truly epic customer experience and giving your customers something to talk about.

If you have questions about your own online reputation or if you’re curious about how you can go above and beyond, don’t hesitate to ask! We’re here to help you get those answers and discover new ways for your business to deliver the ultimate customer experience.