Coastline Marketing Group Newsletter GraphicInternet marketing is an ever-changing landscape. One approach to online marketing you used last year might not necessarily work this year — or you might not get the same results. You may be left wondering, “What will work for my business?” Well, we’re here to help answer that question.

Staying proactive with the latest digital marketing strategies, techniques, and trends is a full-time job. You may not know where to begin (or for some businesses, how to start over). And that’s ok. Many businesses don’t.

At a glance, the different strategies that go into marketing a business online can look complicated. The terminology can leave you scratching your head. A big part of our philosophy is centered on making your life easier, answering your toughest questions, and giving you a comprehensive education on all things digital marketing — all which come together to give you and your business an advantage in that ever-changing digital landscape.

To that end, we’re in the process of launching a new initiative dedicated to educating local businesses on just about everything related to internet marketing. Our goal is to help businesses stay informed and up-to-date on the strategies and methods that go into marketing a business online. Through a series of workshops, you’ll have access to everything, from the internet marketing basics all the way up to the advanced stuff. No stone is left unturned.

We believe a solid education in digital marketing is crucial to a business’s online marketing endeavors. Many businesses that come to us for help have already been inundated with sales pitches and solicitations from a number of digital marketing companies. Many of these companies, based all over the world, can be relentless. At the same time, they can leave you uncertain and confused. Who is legitimate? Who is not?

When you understand the terminology and techniques that are being pitched, or that you may encounter during your own independent research, you can make informed decisions about your online marketing. Making informed decisions can make a world of difference.

For example, a marketing company may come to you promising results through search engine optimization, SEO. You may have tried SEO in the past with mixed results, but you’re willing to give it another try. The problem is, SEO isn’t a one-size-fits-all solution — which is how many marketing companies treat it. Depending on where your business is located or what industry you

serve, SEO can get you very different results. The same can be said for many of the digital marketing strategies that are used today.

Plus, SEO and digital marketing, in general, is very different in our neck of the woods. We’ve seen many local companies employ marketing strategies that have had success elsewhere in the country (and even the state), only to be left in the dust by their competitors. They didn’t realize they needed to use techniques tailored to their location in central California.

With our new initiative focused on education, we hope to alleviate these kind of issues and much more. We’re excited to unveil our Marketing 101 Workshop over the coming months.

With our new initiative focuses on education, we hope to alleviate these kinds of issues. We are excited to unveil our Marketing 101 Workshops and in the coming months, you can expected to learn more about these workshops — and learn more about the digital marketing landscape. We’ll see you then!