advanced-seo-reportSo you’ve hired a web developer and your website is perfectly outfitted with the most effective SEO for today. You have all the right keywords in all the right places. Your load times are fast. Your website is optimized for desktop and mobile. With all these things in place, your Google rankings should be great.

However, there is one thing that Google doesn’t know for sure, and that’s whether or not your company is inherently good. With that said, it’s still an important factor in your rankings. So how does Google figure it out? It listens.

Going Above and Beyond All the Time

People rarely give rave reviews for mediocre service; which is why you should always strive to go above and beyond for your customers. Although this is something that should always get taken seriously, in today’s digital age, it’s even more important.

People today can research your company with the click of a button and dismiss your business because of a negative review just as quickly. If you are constantly churning out success stories of excellent customer service, you can expect clients to take notice and head to their computers to offer a five-star review online.

But Don’t Ignore the Negative

Most consumers will understand when a company has 20 positive reviews and one negative comment. In most cases, it’s a case of a disgruntled customer that perhaps had a bad day worsened by something minor that set them off. However, ignoring negative comments on Facebook, Google, Yelp, or other review sites also doesn’t look good on the business.

When customers read reviews, they want to see helpful and positive replies to negative comments since it proves that the company is active online and willing to make things right should something go wrong.

Think of It as a Marketing Tactic

You can spend thousands of dollars on the biggest billboard in town and not get as much good press as a single positive Google review. Today’s consumer is increasingly wary of marketing ploys and “too-good-to-be-true” products. This is why your online reputation has to be something you consistently work on. In addition to keeping customers satisfied and connected, positive reviews will also boost your SEO rankings, improving your bottom line. Since Google likes positive reviews, it will rank your company higher than companies with poor reviews. This will give you a significant edge over the competition.

Not sure how to get started on improving your online reputation? Reach out to our local website experts for a free audit of your current website. We’ll point out all the areas you can improve upon to make sure your website and online reputation are in tip-top shape.