If you look at websites from the early 2000’s or even the early 2010’s, you will notice significant differences. As the way we consume content changes, we see new trends and design features rise to prominence online.

Websites that were once filled with flash animations, gifs, thick borders, and more are now streamlined to look more professional and polished. With that said, here are five of the biggest website design trends for 2018:

1. Making the Most of Negative Space

Minimalism is in this year, and it shows on our web pages. Using negative, or white space on your website is a great way to keep things looking crisp, clean, and professional. Sparse-looking websites also have a technical advantage since they are often faster loading. This makes a significant difference when content is viewed on a mobile platform.

2. Everyone is Getting Into Typography

Have you ever looked at a website outfitted with Comic Sans font or, even worse, Papyrus? These fonts look cheesy and outdated and will immediately ruin your credibility with a potential client. Unique, colorful, expressive typography is a must for any modern website.

In addition to looking flashy and professional, expressive typography is also a great way to optimize your website for speed since it doesn’t impact the website performance the way an image would, for example.

3. Animations & Cinemagraphs are the New Gifs

You knew Gifs were getting out of hand when iPhone started offering Gif reactions with iMessage. Today, one of the better routes to take is with a simple animation or cinemagraph on your website. These images are a mix between a video and still image, and they create a magical result.

However, web developers should beware and only use cinemagraphs when it makes sense. Don’t simply use them for the sake of it or your website might end up looking like some of the awful examples from the early years of the Internet.

4. Making Facebook the Place to Be

Many experts say your business Facebook page should be like a destination. It should be a place where you share interesting articles, pertinent to your business as well as giving customers up-to-the-minute updates about products and services.

In 2018, new customers will come to Facebook as a way to discover your business. Consumers will also look to Facebook for things like reviews, live-chats, question and answer videos, shareable content, and more.

5. Security, Security, Security

In 2017, hacking was a major news story for much of the year. Going into 2018, we still have it in the back of our minds. Secure websites are going to be necessary for everyone in the future because consumers are becoming wary of using sites that do not have security features.

With the rapid expansion of malware and ransomware, customers will not only expect a secure site, but your site’s security may also be a deciding factor in whether or not they support your business.

Is your website ready for what the future holds? Make sure you are up-to-par with the top website design trends in 2018. Book your free website audit with our experienced local experts.