It is no secret that leads are the heart of any business. It is common knowledge that better lead magnets generate more customers. I have proven methods for business owners seeking to “up their game.” Without quality leads, it is impossible for a business to successfully compete. The good news is that I have the information you need so you never have to worry about leads again.

Before moving forward, I need to know what your customer is searching for and what is driving them to do research and ultimately buy. What type of information does a prospective customer want? What problem is that customer trying to solve? These are the questions you must answer for your customer.

Research is key before moving forward. I know that not everyone automatically knows what their customer wants. Fortunately, I know how to find out. Two proven ways I use to understand what a customer wants is through online surveys and tools similar to BuzzSumo.com that accumulate information from social media about customer likes and dislikes. Once I have the information I need to design a targeted lead magnet, then I am well on my way to creating the best lead magnet to get the best bang for my buck.

While different target customers respond to different lead magnets, a few of my favorite and most successful strategies are listed below. Demographics do play a role in determining which lead magnets works best. A younger customer may prefer videos over guides. Other people prefer a more personal, hands-on approach and like the idea of a free consultation. Customers vary. That is why it is important to use a variety of methods to attract as many leads as possible.

1. eBooks and Guides

One of my all-time favorite ways to capture leads is to offer an eBook to prospective customers. It’s all about value. The book doesn’t need to be long. Considering that there is so much good free information on the internet, I always take extra care to provide a power-packed eBook that has much more usable and specific information than they can find online. One recommended angle to work is to promise a lower cost or a time savings if they use your information. These are two very valuable benefits that everyone is seeking.

2. Infographics

Consumers love easy to read infographics charts and numbers so they can easily understand complicated concepts they need to know. The likelihood of a sentence being read increases with numbers. Pie charts and other graphic pages deliver.

3. How to Videos

The great success of YouTube proves how powerful How-To Videos can be. People all learn differently. Some respond much better to video than the written word. If you accept the fact that you need different tools in your marketing toolbox to attract more people, then I highly recommend you include videos as one of those tools.

4. Free Consultation

There is no substitute for human contact in some cases. Many people value the opportunity to have a discussion. While videos and eBooks have their place as assets in any marketing campaign, consumers like to be able to ask questions. Particularly in coaching scenarios or when selling an expensive product or service, I have noticed that customers increasingly want to talk to someone to get the information they need to make an informed decision.

5. Webinar/Workshop

There is a reason webinars and workshops have been around for a long time. They provide an excellent platform for the give-and-take of a classroom setting where is it easier to learn. A good instructor can make all the difference in how well students comprehend material. The added ability students have to interact with the instructor and their peers makes a webinar or workshop the perfect forum for building trust and getting high-quality leads.


As a seasoned marketer with years of experience, I know how important good lead magnets are for the success of a business. The five mentoned above represent some of the best ways to attract the high-quality leads you need to meet your revenue objectives. If you aren’t receiving a 5 percent opt-in rate or higher, then you need to carefully evaluate the lead magnets you’re using, because they aren’t working as well as they should.

Testing may be necessary to determine why your results aren’t better. Remember to check your headlines first since they can make a significant impact on your results. I recommend that you constantly monitor results and take action anytime you dip below that 5 percent opt-in rate. I know there is no reason to accept marginal results when a simple “fix” can get your lead magnets performing at the expected level.


Phil Fisk – CEO/Digital Marketing Consultant – Coastline Marketing Group, Inc.