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Have You Claimed Your Google Business Page?

As a business owner, you have likely heard about the importance of claiming your Google Local Business Page. Yet, you may have been putting it off due to a lack of information about its importance or just simply not having time to explore all that it has to offer for your company. While having a company website is a great start for building your online reputation, it is important to understand that your Google Business Page provides a roadmap for getting your target audience to visit your business along with opportunities for interaction that drive growth.

Google Business Page Benefits

Showing up on that first page of a Google search involves using several strategies such as AdWords and search engine optimization. However, claiming your Google Local Business Page puts you on the fast track toward showing up in your local listings. The local search results can vary due to differing factors among users, but your main goal should always be to end up in the top three results offered. When you do so, your business is automatically presented to potential new customers without any additional advertising money from your budget.

How To Find Your Google Business Page

Not sure how to find your Google business page? Take a look at the image above. First, go to Google on a desktop computer and type in your company name. In this case, I typed in "Mohr imports monterey ca". If you have been in business for a few months or more, chances are, Google has already generated a page for you. If by chance you do not see your business listing off to the right of the page, you can visit to start from scratch.

If you do see your listing on the right of the results page, take a close look to see if there is an "Own this business?" link within that listing (see image above). If you do, click that link and follow the steps to claim your page.

How To Claim Your Local Page

Setting up your Google Business Page is a relatively simple process that is easier if you already have a Google account. Ideally, any Google services you use should be set up under the same account to streamline your activities. Once you have all of your information entered, Google will require postcard verification to prove your company is legitimate. This simple procedure simply involves a postcard being mailed to your company address with a PIN number on it. Once you receive the card, go to your account and enter the PIN to activate it.

Getting the Most Out of Your Page

Attracting customers to your website is the main goal of your Google Business Page. However, it also has additional benefits for bolstering your sales. For example, you can add photos of your business, products or services to give potential customers a visual picture of what you can do for them. Current customers can also leave reviews regarding your company for others to read, and you can respond to both negative and positive comments to demonstrate your business’s dedication to providing quality experiences for every customer. Helpful information about your business can also be added. For example, letting potential customers know your hours and services that are offered allows them to make an informed decision about visiting your company.

Ignoring your Google Business Page is letting an opportunity for free and effective advertising to pass you by. Don’t ignore the opportunity to increase your brand recognition and drive potential new customers to your business by showing up in the local listings. Instead, set up your page, and stay involved by responding to reviews and changing your business information as needed to keep members of your target audience informed about all that your company offers.

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Happy Marketing!

Phil Fisk - President Coastline Marketing Group, Inc.


5 Steps To Improve Your Local Search Engine Visibility

The key to any successful business is valuable customers. However, getting customers can prove quite a challenge in the fast-paced world of search engines if you are unfamiliar with what to do. Below we're going to go over five simple steps to help improve the visibility of your business in the local search engine results.

1. You Must Have A Mobile-Friendly Website

Having a responsive theme on your website is imperative to landing on the first page of the Google search engine results. Searchers are using mobile devices, including tablets and smartphones, more than ever before. Google realized this and chose to reduce the rankings of websites that weren't mobile friendly. They don't want websites showing up that searchers are unable to get information from. So if you want to gain any visibility on Google you must have a responsive website, period!

2. Claim Your Google Business Page

Google is an information collecting machine. It scours websites to find the contact details for businesses in local areas. Your business is most likely already listed on Google when your business name or the services your business offers are searched in the local area. Many times your contact information, business hours, and website address can be wrong or missing.

By claiming your Google Business page you can correct and add necessary information so that potential customers know how and when to reach you. A business page will allow you to read reviews people are leaving about your business and let you keep track of your business's overall rating by consumers. In addition, Google Business pages offer valuable statistics including the number of views and phone calls your business receives.

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3. Claim Local Citations

Citations are best described as mentions of your business on other websites. These mentions of your business name, address, phone number, and website help to prove to search engines, like Google and Bing, that your business is real.

Some examples of online local citations include Yellowpages, Better Business Bureau, Yelp, Superpages, Whitepages, Merchant Circle, Foursquare, Angie's List, Healthgrades, City Search, and Phonepages. The more local citations that you get the more trusted your website becomes in the google search engine results and the more visibility your business will receive from potential clients looking for your services.

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4. Optimizing Your Own Website

One major factor in ensuring your website shows up at the top the search engine results is optimizing it correctly. Telling the search engine what your pages are about through keyword-rich meta titles, meta descriptions, optimized URLs, and alternative image tags are imperative.

When a user is searching for a specific service, such as a lawyer in Miami, the search engine wants to return websites that provide information on that subject. By including the necessary words of lawyer and Miami in the areas listed above, the search engine will better connect your website with being the ideal result for the searcher. If a website is not optimized the search engine has no real way of knowing what the site is about and therefore will not show the site at the top of the search results.

5. Focus On Getting Good Reviews

Search engines are paying more and more attention to the reviews that businesses are getting from customers. Google is listening to what people have to say about your business. It's important to work on getting as many good reviews as you possibly can. This will help to improve your rankings in the search results and, most importantly, give reassurance to new customers that your business is the right choice for them.

A business can get reviews from tons of online review sites. A few examples are Yelp, HomeAdvisor, and Angie's list. Having reviews in all these places is good, however picking the most popular review sites that the majority of new customers will be using is the best approach to increasing your customer base.

For example, if you are in the restaurant business, many new customers are likely to look at a site like Yelp to read your reviews and star ratings. On the contrary, looking for a contractor on Yelp may not be so popular. For that industry, reviews on sites like are where customers are looking.

It's a good idea to take some time and think about potential sites new customers will be looking for your services on. Then work on encouraging your existing clients to leave you a review on those sites. If you provide a valuable service, many customers will be more than happy to leave you a review.

If you take action on the five steps listed above you will grow your business's online presence. Your website will start to show up for more local search results relating to your industry. And remember the more of these steps you consistently do, the more online visibility your business will receive.

Happy Marketing

– Phil Fisk, President Coastline Marketing Group, Inc.