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Local Search Engine Optimization Coaching & Consulting for In-House Marketing Teams

I work with small businesses to help them direct their resources in the most practical way. My services help to supplement in-house marketing team efforts or to support owner-operators who are responsible for their own SEO and marketing. I offer both coaching and consulting services to suit the needs of my clients:

  • My consulting services are designed to help your company structure and build out your SEO strategies and marketing methods. I’ll come up with the right answers for you and provide you with workable marketing solutions that you can put to work right away.
  • The coaching services I provide are designed to be collaborative and interactive. I work directly with you or your team to determine the best and most proactive SEO strategies and to help you get a real feel for the methods used to build search engine rankings and visibility within your local community or nationally.

If you are interested in supercharging your SEO efforts and in learning more about how to implement local SEO for your marketing campaigns, contact me today to discuss the next steps in the process and to request a consultation for coaching or consulting services.

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Review & Analysis

I'll begin by reviewing your marketing and analytics data to benchmark your current position. You can't improve what you don't measure.

  • 1 Hour Discovery Call
  • Current SEO Strategy
  • Google Analytics
  • Google Search Console
  • Content (blog) Strategy
  • Website Structure
  • Target Keywords
  • Competitor's Metrics
  • Social Media Platforms

Coaching & Consulting

I'll provide your marketing team a comprehensive strategy to improve your organic traffic, engagement, and conversions on your website.

  • Onsite Optimization
  • Offsite Optimization
  • Link Building
  • Content Strategy
  • Social Media Strategy
  • Review Acquisition Strategy
  • Website Conversion Optimization
  • Keyword Targeting
  • SEO Tool Recommendations

Local SEO Coaching & Consulting Pricing

My Coaching & Consulting program is designed specifically to help your marketing team fully understand how to overcome your competition on major search engines.

Local SEO Automated Audit


Automated report available in 5 minutes

  • Automated Report
  • Onsite Errors
  • Citation Errors
  • Search Rankings
  • Local Listings
  • Online Reviews
  • Social Media
  • Competitor Report
  • Recommendations
  • Takes just 5 minutes
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Local SEO Full Audit


One time fee, up to 10 web pages.

  • Discovery Call
  • Analytics Review
  • Keyword Research (25 keywords)
  • Onsite Optimization Recommendations
  • Offsite Optimization Recommendations
  • Content Strategy Recommendations
  • Review Acquisition Recommendations
  • Website Conversion Recommendations
  • Competitor Metrics Report
  • A Strategic Game Plan
  • Monthly Retainer Available
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Local SEO Advanced Audit


One time fee, up to 20 web pages.

  • Everything in Local SEO Full Audit
  • Adv. Analytics and Search Console Review
  • Keyword Research (50 keywords)
  • Social Media Strategy Recommendations
  • Facebook Advertising Recommendations
  • Google Advertising Recommendations
  • YouTube Optimization Instruction
  • Backlink Building Instruction
  • SEO Tools & Tracking Recommendations
  • Progress Review in 3 Months
  • Monthly Retainer Available
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My Coaching & Consulting program does NOT include implementation. If you need help with implementation, my agency offers ongoing Local SEO services.

Frequently Asked Questions

How does your service get results?

My service adds value by starting with a game plan designed to get results. In contrast, many businesses take the plunge into SEO without first conducting research about their current position. Six months later, they almost always discover the opportunities they should have aimed for from the beginning. These mistakes can end up being very costly when businesses have to start over from scratch after investing significant resources.

My program leverages all known ranking factors that can influence on-page performance. Upon completing a thorough analysis, I will offer you a comprehensive snapshot of where your website is now while providing information on your most feasible options for improving visibility. My program emphasizes the importance of page authority and digital footprints because we have found that these factors have the strongest impact on getting content to the coveted first page on search engines.

What will I gain by using your service?

At the end of the first 10 days, I will provide you with a report that details all of my findings on your website. The report will include information on how your website performs for specific criteria, such as known quality signals. The information presented in your report will also be compared to your competitors to ensure a relevant basis of comparison. My research is conducted across your digital footprint to identify areas where off-page content can be improved.

My analysis includes up to 50 keyword recommendations, and up to 20 pages of on-site content will be analyzed.

The goal of this program is to find the maximum amount of opportunities to improve your website’s SEO. This program is compatible with any content management system and all types of content. Furthermore, the subscription package can enable you to receive feedback on your progress toward achieving the opportunities for improvement identified in the original report, such as adding new content, fixing code markup, and more.

What will actually be done?

I emphasize Google because it accounts for almost all website traffic in today’s world, and this enables me to tailor your strategies to what Google finds important. Therefore, I focus on truly important factors, such as site structure, on-page keywords, and semantics. Additionally, my program is capable of identifying both organic and manual penalties that Google might have given your website. As a result of this unique approach, you can look forward to results that are highly relevant in the real search environment.

What websites is this program designed for?

This program is designed for any website, but it is especially intended for established websites with a Domain Rank of two or higher.

Are any guarantees available?

No SEO provider can guarantee search rankings. However, my program identifies the specific advantages of your competitors, and this information can be used to ensure that your website can be made more effective for the same ranking criteria.

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