Reputation Management

You Can Not Improve Your Company's Reputation Simply By Hiring A Marketing Company

Reputation ManagementThe Old Days

Before the rise of the Internet, businesses used to tell employees that if one person had a bad experience, that person would tell an average of 10 other people. If the story spread, dozens of people would hear something negative about the company.

Today, people can tell hundreds or even thousands of people about a bad experience by posting on social media sites, review pages or forums. The good news is that marketing companies can help organizations reduce the impact of negative reviews.

Cleaning Up Bad Reviews

One of the most common ways that marketing companies do this is by working with consumers in a public setting, such as by responding to a Facebook post, to resolve problems. This helps to show that a company is customer oriented and often leads people to delete or revise their initial bad review. Additionally, marketing services may use SEO tactics to improve the ranking of search results with positive reviews while decreasing the ranking of results with poor reviews.

Consider Changing The Culture

However, a marketing company will not be able to completely mitigate the damage from bad press created by negative consumer reviews if an organization has a culture that is not focused on customer service or quality products. When customers are constantly running into problems, either due to less than stellar products or sub-par customer service, marketing companies will be trying to put out an endless number of fires.

This is not to say that reputation management from marketing services isn't effective; it can be quite helpful to a business with a troubled past or that produced a product. that was not well received. However, maintaining a business' reputation requires addressing root problems.

It is far easier - and more effective - to replace bad reviews with positive ones than it is to attempt to just suppress bad reviews. If a product or service failed, it needs to be fixed or changed. Should customer service be the issue, then employees need additional training and policies need to be adjusted to provide better outcomes for customers. Even if a company thinks that their customer service or products are fine, if consumers don't agree, then change is needed.

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building your business with public speaking

Take Your Business To The Next Level With Public Speaking

building your business with public speakingFor many people, public speaking is the stuff of nightmares. The upshot of this is that individuals who can speak well often get a lot of respect. Being able to talk about your area of expertise in front of a group of people can increase both your personal and your business' cachet.

There are organizations, with Toastmasters being a popular example, that can help nearly everyone get over their fears of speaking in public and improve their ability to communicate clearly. Toastmasters can help you learn at your own pace and become comfortable speaking in front of large crowds, which can give you the tools you need to spread your message, establish your expertise and market your business.

Networking Opportunities

Along with being able to display your acumen and talk about your organization, there is a range of networking opportunities available to you when you start speaking in public. In addition to being able to increase name recognition for you and your business, you'll also be able to make a variety of connections.

While you're likely to be able to increase your customer base, you may also have the opportunity to meet other industry leaders who can help you in a number of ways. Connections made at events may allow you to reduce production costs, improve customer service and find great employees by getting you in touch with experts in other fields.

Increase Your Contacts

Being comfortable speaking publicly - and having a track record of being able to do so - can open a lot of doors for you. There are a variety of organizations and event planners that need experienced speakers to fill out panels and give keynote speeches.

Additionally, you may want to consider the benefits of creating your own symposiums or workshops. Doing so can be beneficial both when you are starting out and when you are an established speaker. If you are new to speaking, offering free seminars can help you get the experience you need as a speaker and to provide other organizations proof of your abilities.

After you've been speaking for a while, you may be able to charge groups or individuals to attend your speeches. Once you've achieved this goal, you'll essentially be being paid to promote your business.

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Social Media Marketing for Dentists

dental website monterey salinasGreat Dental Content Delivers Mouth-Appeal in Multiple Ways

Dentists have usually been more progressive about advertising than doctors because people are so reluctant to visit the dentist. Social media forums are ideal for explaining about advances in painless dentistry and promoting the appealing dental technologies like invisible braces and computer-assisted mapping of the mouth in lieu of X-rays.. Dentists can build an audience by posting human interest stories, offering incentives like Wi-Fi in the office and providing oral health tips. Try to build relationships by making your content personal and blending posts about dental health with local news and information about the staff. Ask your regular customers to post reviews and share their experiences to generate word-of-mouth referrals, which in the case of dentistry could be both literal and figurative. Explaining the benefits of seeing a dentist encourages other to share words-of-mouth, videos-of-mouth and images-of-mouth.

Nurturing your current clients

Dentists land new patients and increase business by selling cosmetic services to existing patients through blog posts, newsletters and videos. Explain why teeth-whitening at the dentist cleans teeth several shades whiter than home treatments. Hosting one or two events each year can build a following, attract new patients and foster loyalty with your existing patients. Ideas might include taking part in charitable fundraisers in the community, volunteering at Habitat for Humanity and others. Building relationships with younger patients is especially critical because tech-savvy generations expect to find their dentists online, and a younger, loyal patient will generate business for decades. It's critical to respond to social media comments by answering general questions, troubleshooting complaints and even providing personal advice, but dentists must handle any communications that deal with confidential and protected health records through secure emails or apps that are HIPAA-compliant. It's important to mention that you can only give general advice and not discuss any specifics that could compromise patient confidentiality.

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Social Media for Law Firms

Social Media Marketing Tips for Law Firms

social media for law firms

Share your expertise on the right social channels

Depending on your practice specialty, social media offers a platform to build your firm's reputation, engage potential clients and establish your attorneys as thought leaders. Engaging with social media is critical for law firms to market their services and to find evidence for trials. Social listening involves keeping informed about trends and public opinion on high-profile cases. You can use Google Alerts to monitor information that pertains to cases and news that relates to your legal specialty. You can join conversations about current events and establish your firm as thought leaders and a team that knows what's going on in the world. Lawyers learn a great deal of information and are intimately involved with news stories, but most firms don't share their knowledge. Some legal news isn't confidential or critical to your cases, so share your expertise and news on the right social channels.

Developing a content strategy

If you practice criminal or family law, Facebook is a good channel to engage a range of potential clients. LinkedIn is the preferred channel for business law. You can tell your story, give your opinion on legal issues in the news, highlight the accomplishments and charitable efforts of your attorneys and tweet links to your articles to your existing clients. Let your fans know when an attorney is speaking at a dinner or before city council. Lawyers rely on referrals and social interactions among their clients, so selling what's in your mind and your legal philosophy can attract the right kind of clients for your practice. Developing a content strategy involves posting educational articles on topics that relate to your legal specialty, commenting on current events and demonstrating legal expertise. Social listening and building your network offer powerful benefits for hiring associates and growing your firm, creating relevant content, informing clients about relevant business trends and engaging prospects for legal services.

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restaurant social media

Social Media Marketing Tips for Restaurants

restaurant social media

Your customers experience with your restaurant can begin before they step in the door

Restaurants don't just sell food; they sell social events, so social media marketing has become mandatory for today's successful restaurant. Restaurants are generally exceptions to the rule about taking long lead-times to generate business from social media. You can easily tap into the market when people are looking for places to dine by posting your menu on social channels and review sites, updating daily specials, promoting signature events at the restaurant and encouraging your customers to share reviews, post photos of their meals, read social posts on in-house digital signs and learn about your restaurant's concept, cuisine and supply chain. Engage your customers with human interest stories about the restaurant's history and staff accomplishments. Promoting your loyalty program and offering dining incentives and group deals are also solid social marketing strategies.

Other tips for engaging customers with your restaurant include:

  • Hosting meet-and-greets with local sports teams or holding game-day events
  • Posting recipes and how-to videos from your chef
  • Creating galleries of high-resolution food photos
  • Marketing on Twitter and Instagram with photos and hashtags
  • Hosting culinary exhibitions and wine and food tastings
  • Showcasing artwork from local artists
  • Creating a creative guerrilla marketing campaign
  • Serving as headquarters for local scavenger hunts
  • Participating in food tours and bar crawls
  • Hosting business meetings and Chamber of Commerce Connect for Lunch events

Geo-location technology and increased mobile phone use for local searches make promoting your restaurant in social media one of the best ways to optimize your restaurant in local searches. Facebook allows you to target your ideal customer with precise demographic segmentation and geo-targeting. You can schedule paid tweets and send them out to people nearby through geo-targeting at meal times. You can't get a more relevant or timely marketing approach than sending an appealing image of food to the right people when they're hungry and just down the street.

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online reputation management

Quick Social Media Marketing Tip

social-media-managementStop trying to sell to your fans

The biggest tip for successful social media marketing is to stop selling and start networking. Social media is about building a referral network, and that takes time and work. You've got to post high-quality content that does one of three things: educates, informs or entertains. In social media, fans follow you for clear reasons: They like your style, take on issues, life philosophy or the subjects that you tackle. When you become an authority figure in your field, social fans and contacts will turn to you and your company to solve their problems, recommend the right products, apply for a job at your company or share something they're sure you'll like. Try to sell to them, and you may fail to achieve positive results.

Build your referral network

Building this kind of referral network offers long-term benefits for your company, but it's hard to stop selling when that's your source of income and reason for marketing on social channels. Another valuable tip is to consider paid advertising or PPC campaigns while you're building your social referral network. Using this strategy, you can complement your own posts with relevant advertising while keeping your hands clean of heavy-handed selling in your posts. Each day that you fail to check social channels is a day when your competitors get a free ride. Staying active on social media--Google Plus in particular--builds your brand, strengthens SEO, adds quality links and establishes you and your business as trusted authorities, which as the MasterCard ads used to say, is priceless.

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What are local citations and why are they important for my business?

local map icon

What are local citations?

Local citations are mentions of your business name, address, phone number, website address and other contact information in online directories and other resources. Also referred to as NAPs, local citations can be found in website content on other sites, review websites, social media and online directories such as yellow pages, Yelp, ThomsonLocal and Freeindex. Many new businesses and aspiring entrepreneurs don't realize that most basic listings are free, and it's important to get as many citations as possible because these listings confirm that your business is local, listed and legitimate, which causes search engines to rank your business higher in Search Engine Return Pages or SERPs. High rankings are critical because most people choose one of the first listing they see when searching for products and services. Making your site visible and relevant to search engines is called SEO and is important if you want to get free organic search traffic without paying for clicks in pay-per-click campaigns. Search engines offer free searches but earn their profits by selling paid listings known as pay-per-click or PPC advertising.

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Why your business must keep NAPs accurate.

It's important to check your listings in these online directories because many of them compile their listings from other sources, so your business could already be published, but the information might not be correct or complete. Each time something changes in your contact information, you need to update your listings, which many digital marketers forget to do. If you don't update and supply the correct information, Google and other search engines might find conflicting data, which causes them to downgrade your site in searches. Incorrect information also reflects poorly on your business to customers.

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