Why Are Buyer Personas Necessary?

buyer personas are importantThese days, with the fast-paced digital technology and rampant competition, businesses are continually scrambling with each other to reinvent their existing marketing and sales strategies. As a business owner or sales manager, it is important for you to know your customers. Rather than play the guessing game, by knowing about your buyers’ personas, you will be able to channel your advertising and sales campaign selectively and specifically towards better results.

Targeted Marketing is Powerful and Here to Stay

buyer persona targetingAt Coastline Marketing Group, we place a high emphasis on studying and researching customer behavior and patterns. Many businesses fail simply because they do not know what their potential market is. Your marketing dollars are best spent on an audience that is most likely to be drawn to your products or services. By analyzing and mapping out the personas of your buyers, we will be able to devise the most suitable online and offline marketing strategies for your business.

How Slicing Your Potential Market Can Help

You might be catering to a wide range of customers from varied backgrounds, age groups, professions, education levels, life situations and so on. In that case, creating a personalized marketing campaign to adapt to your specific target groups can be an ingenious strategy. By designing customer-oriented campaigns, you are taking one step ahead of your competition and thinking outside the box. Targeted advertising and communication can be extremely effective and refreshing as opposed to using a generalized and lackluster approach.

Getting a clear picture about your clients can enable you to customize your newsletters, website and marketing style to make the best possible impact. By narrowing down specific groups of clients, with similar interests and level of understanding, you will be able to create campaigns and messages of different complexity levels and themes to best appeal to them. For instance, if you are a small business craft store that caters to different categories of customers, such as parents of young children, students, seniors and professional craftsmen, your website, search engine marketing, newsletters and deals could be personalized individually for each specific group.

Getting to Know About Your Buyer Personas

With a clear picture of your customer base, valuable advertising dollars can be directed towards generating actual leads. Answering these key questions about your customers can give helpful insights about the type of marketplace you are catering to.

Key Buyer Persona Questions

• What demographic groups do your customers belong to?
• What are their professional and educational backgrounds?
• What is their day-to-day schedule like?
• What are their interests, hobbies and pastimes?
• Do they exhibit specific shopping patterns at certain times of the year?
• When do customers need your product or service the most and how often?
• Who do your buyers rely on for information and reviews?
• What are the challenges that you encounter in selling to a particular group?
• Do you know about any specific buyer grievances or objections?
• What are your customers expecting from you?

Intuitive Marketing Is In Like Never Before

Coastline Marketing Group combines a sophisticated approach to marketing by tapping into the complicated structure of the consumer psyche. Businesses, both large and small, do not have to rely on chance advertising, which can certainly be a gamble. Know your market. Connect with the right customers. Be in the right place at the right time. With a solid understanding of your buyers’ personas, you can accomplish exactly that.

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