How to Manage Your Marketing Company

Managing-your-marketing-companyBudget constraints sometimes force the hand of smaller companies when it comes to choosing the best marketing methods for them. Both local and national providers offer set marketing packages that include the same activities for every business who buys them. The small business owner pays the bill and trusts the package to do the job it is supposed to.

This type of "set it and forget it" marketing relationship between advertising company and small business results in a less than expected return on the investment. Even the best companies with the latest and most effective ideas can perform poorly without any input from the business it is trying to market.

A Marketing Company's Problem With Non-Communicative Clients

Why should a professional company with marketing experience and know-how need a small business owner to give them information and resources?

Marketing methods should be tailored to the main and immediate goals of the business. These can change over time and this must be communicated to the people designing the ads.

Important brand recognition tools like logos, photos, color schemes and mottoes give a marketing company the tools needed to build a positive online reputation for the small business. If these have already been designed by an in-house or outsourced graphic designer, the marketing company needs to know. They could waste time and money coming up with their own templates or graphics for marketing campaigns that clash with those already in use.

Even the greatest marketing company with the best reputation can slack off at times, break deadlines or flounder when not given the best guidance about the vision you have for your company.

Five Ideas to Help the Marketing Company Get the Results You Want

1 - Clearly state your goal for the marketing efforts. Each ad should be designed to create a particular outcome: a site visit, signup or sale.

2 - Give all logos, artwork, photos and content to the marketing company to work with. If these change during the marketing campaign's existence, the new graphics must be sent over immediately. A plan to reintroduce or expand brand recognition practices can be put into place.

3 - Share interesting on-topic content or news that could boost your small business's advertising efforts. Even experienced marketing professionals can use a spark of inspiration from time to time.

4 - Stay in contact with the marketing team to make sure their plan aligns with your goals and interests. These can change over time as well. Everyone must be on the same page for the marketing to be most effective.

5 - Insist on regular updates and analytics about the different advertisements and marketing methods being employed on your behalf. Do not let the marketing company become complacent in their treatment of your business.

Professional marketing companies with good reputations get that way by delivering a great return on the small business owner's investment. With dozens or even hundreds of clients expecting effective advertising, they may fall into the practice of one size fits all methodology. Whether they sell marketing packages that include specific tasks or promise to deliver a custom plan for each client, they deliver much more effective marketing when the small business is involved every step of the way.

Unless you have plenty of money in the budget to throw away on half-hearted, non-targeted advertising campaigns, get proactive and stay in contact with the marketers assigned to your case.