Social Media for Medical Offices

Social Media Marketing for Medical Offices

social media for medical officeDon't try to sell a surgical procedure on social media

The biggest requirement for physicians marketing with social media is patience. After all, you can't hold a sale on surgery or persuade people to treat an illness that they don't have--these kinds of promotions only work with elective surgery and cosmetic treatments. Posting information on diseases, disorders and medical breakthroughs, however, can establish you as an authority figure--especially if you differentiate your practice with a unique philosophy that's shareable, fun and/or highly optimistic. A can-do approach convinces reluctant patients to seek treatment for conditions that they may have thought untreatable, too expensive or too debilitating during a long recovery process.

Best practices for marketing your medical practices in social media include:

  • Identifying your marketing goals such as attracting Millennials, Baby Boomers, children, women or elderly patients
  • Launching an informative blog about your medical specialty
  • Highlighting your practice's culture, staff accomplishments and human interest items
  • Keeping people informed about new technologies and treatments
  • Finding out which media channels most of your customers use and concentrating on one or two to do a good job (Facebook is usually one of the best bets)
  • Creating channel-specific Web pages for each media channel based on its policies,
  • Complementing your organic marketing with paid advertising campaigns to generate faster results
  • Posting content that makes people's lives easier or inspires hope in those suffering from medical disorders
  • Advocating for social causes that relate to medical treatments like Doctors Without Borders

Involving the staff is critical for most practices where doctors stay busy treating patients. You and other staff physicians can share educational topics with staffers who can be responsible for posting the information online, creating brochures to hand out in the office and integrating your other marketing efforts with social channels. It's also a good idea to appoint someone on the staff as the practice's "voice" to handle social communications, but make sure he or she protects confidential information through secure, HIPAA-compliant communication channels.

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